SA-ADP v.3

Our Industry-Leading ADP™ Technology in a Reference In-Wall!

For years we were asked to design our ADP (Adapted Dipole) technology around an in-wall application. But an ADP in-wall speaker? Hmm! That was a tough one. Listening test after listening test and a host of ‘almost theres’ ended up on the testing room floor. That’s because we’re perfectionists. We wanted the whole package: a large reverberant, non-localized soundfield with full-range response (and yes, we do mean FULL RANGE!), powered by state-of-the-art driver technology. All of it supported by Paradigm’s Ultra-Rigid™ mounting systems. Our ADP in-wall design was born … delivering surround sound the way it was meant to be heard:

Conventional forward-radiating speakers cannot reproduce movie theater surround sound in your home. If they are loud enough for their sound to blend with the front speakers they draw attention to themselves. Turn them down so they don’t distract you and they won’t blend with the fronts. ADP reverberant surround/rear speakers are a whole different story:

• Just like movie theater speakers, Reference ADP speakers envelop you in sound without 
drawing your attention away from the movie you’re watching;

• They add size and dimension to the soundstage;

• They ensure a seamless transition when sounds and effects move from front and center
speakers to surround and rear speakers;

• They’re ideal for multichannel music too! Their large non-localized soundfield adds
multidimensional realism to the acoustic space.

SA ADP v3 1